1. Finding The Perfect Temperature For Your Hot Tub

    So you’ve just bought a hot tub for your home, and it turns out that it’s a little more complex than you expected. There are pieces that need to be hooked up, chemicals to balance the Ph levels and personal preferences that you can incorporate to really tailor your use. One of the obvious benefi…Read More

  2. Why Isn’t Your Hot Tub Hot?

    Hot tubs are meant to be relaxing. One of the reasons that this is the case is because of the water temperature at which you can soak in. That being said, it’s no wonder that when the water isn’t warm, you’re eager to get that problem fixed. Here at Home Repair Services of Arizona, we pride ou…Read More

  3. Hot Tub Safety Tips and Guidelines

    Now that summer is in full swing, we know that you, your family, and your friends are going to spending all the time you can in your hot tub. However, before you all jump in for a nice evening in the jacuzzi, it is important to familiarize yourself with some important hot tub safety guidelines. Foll…Read More

  4. BBQ Safety Tips

    Summer is in full swing and by now you have probably fired up that grill a time or two. While BBQ get-togethers and grilling are summer staples, these can often lead to unexpected accidents and injuries. In one of our most recent blogs, we talked a little bit about grill maintenance and how it can h…Read More

  5. Scottsdale Fireplace Repair Can Save Your Holiday Season!

    If you tried to light up the fireplace at Christmas only to find it isn't working, don't worry! We can still get your fireplace working for the holiday season. Check out our FAQ's on fireplaces, and you might even be able to fix your fireplace yourself. But you still aren't feeling the warmth of a r…Read More